ОТДУШНИК СКАТЕН ПОКРИВ (Art. 158 | Art. 158.1 | Art. 159 | Art. 159.1 | Art. 2005 | Art. 2010) Копие

AERATORS Art. 158 and Art. 158.1 are suitable for use on roofs having pitches between 15° and vertical. They are used as cavity aerators. They can accommodate pipes up to Ø 110 mm. Dripedge.

AERATORS Art. 159 and Art. 159.1 have the same function but with a front flange where the roofing material can be overlaid giving better safety margins against water back flow into the aerator. For even higher safety it has a 7 + 3 mm. step. The two sizes are fitted with 18 mm.

The RIDGE element has been carefully developed for the aeration of cavity in cold roofs where bituminous shingles or fibre cement sheeting is used. The ridge can be used on any pitch thanks to the labyrinth design which prevents the back flow of water by even the strongest of winds. It is also easily aligned thanks to a specially designed hook system it has a built in insect net holes are pre-moulded into the ridge elements which are supplied with end closure caps. The ridge is made of moulded thermoplastic which is flexible and resistant at both high and low temperatures.


1 - Leave a space of approximately 8 to 10 cm. when fixing the deck at the ridge.
2 - Install as normal the bituminous shingles up to this edge.
3 - Position 2 elements (ITALPROFILI® ridge) and mark a line.
4 - Fix the ridge elements in place by cliping into position on to the other and then fix in place using the screws provided through the appropriate holes in the ridge.
5 - Fix the closing elements at the extremities.
6 - Cover the prefabricated ridge using shingle ridge elements which must extend at least 1 cm. over the lower edge of the prefabricated ridge. Nails of sufficient length should be used so that they pass through the shingles, the ridge elements and into the wooden deck. Should a double width ridge be needed this can be done by cutting the prefabricated ridge element in half and positioning it down slope and covering the whole with shingles.