„UNIVERSAL“ АНТИ – БЕКЪП ВОРОНКА (Art. 24 | Art. 24.1 | Art. 82 | Art. 26) Копие#

“UNIVERSAL” anti-backup roof drain is one of the best systems for connecting rainwater pipes and drains on flat roofs, gutters of multipitched roofs, and industrial buildings. It is particularly suitable for use with all kinds of APP or SBS modified bituminous membranes as well as liquid bitumen coatings. The unit has been studied in its smallest details so as to optimize its characteristics thus eliminating problems caused by traditional drains available in the market.

The drain is made from IGOM, a compound of synthetic rubbers specially formulated to obtain physical, chemical and technical properties for a flexible product. IGOM has high resistance to UV rays, ozone and other atmospheric and chemical agents. It can be used in a wide temperature range as it is extremely flexible at low temperatures and stable over time thanks to its physical and mechanical properties, which therefore assure maximum performance throughout its lifespan. The drain consists of a truncated body available in various diameters solidly attached to the ribbed flange area all made from the same materials to facilitate adhesion of the membrane to the flange.

The stem piece of the unit has two or more strategically placed circular ribs which face outwards which when forced into the drain pipe prevent backing-up and form a perfect seal. The seal rings are compressed upwards when inserted into the drainpipe and thanks to this pressure fit they guarantee optimal seal with any type of pipe. The passage of water vapour or backing up of liquids into the roof system and particularly into the insulation is thus eliminated.


Laying Technology


  1. Apply primer to an area of approx 500 x 500 mm around the drain pipe.
  2. Torch apply first layer of waterproofing membrane and cut out the area over the drain pipe.
  3. Heat the surface of the membrane until molten, then place the drain unit into position thus sealing the underside of the drain unit to thewaterproofing layer.
  4. Heat a small piece of membrane so that the compound can be spread with a trowel to cover the ribbed surface of the flange area.
  5. Install the second layer of waterproofing heating both surfaces, the bitumen covered flange area and the second waterproofing layer.
  6. Cut the membrane no less than 10 mm from the edge of the drain unit and dress into the drain unit.
  7. Install the leaf guard.
N.B.: If only a single layer of waterproofing is being used, at point 2 use a 500 x 500 mm piece of the waterproofing membrane. Ensure that all areas are well pressed and sealed.


Supply and install ITALPROFILI® Universal drain unit made from flexible synthetic rubber IGOM CE having a ribbed flange which must extend at least 12 cm beyond the circumference of the drain pipe and a 180 or 250 mm long anti-backup tail piece suitable for pipe Ø…….. complete with leaf guard or gravel grate.